Friday, June 06, 2008

HIT News

  • Government Health IT reported on the June 4, 2008, House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee hearing on the bipartisan health information technology bill that has emerged from the leadership of that committee. What caught my eye were two points: (1) that the Bush Administration warned that
    The adoption of health IT standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria through the use of rulemaking should be avoided. We have seen from prior statutory requirements that it significantly delays the applicability and usage of new and improved standards.
    Amen! and (2) that there were voices in opposition to the privacy zealots who testified.
  • The American Health Information Community (AHIC) met on Tuesday June 3. Healthcare IT News reports that
    Officials at Tuesday's meeting received a positive report on the progress of healthcare IT policy efforts. However, experts cautioned, doctors are still slow to adopt electronic health records, and few of the approved standards for healthcare IT data exchange have made it into use in the real world.

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