Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

  • The House Energy and Commerce Committee plan to mark up the Pro(Tech)T Act, HR 6357, tomorrow according to the Healthcare IT News. I agree with "Dave Roberts, a lobbyist for the Healthcare Information and
    Management Systems Society, [who] said he believes the House has "achieved
    what it's going to achieve" this session in regards to health care IT.
    He said a provision aimed at encouraging doctors to use electronic
    prescriptions that was included in the recently passed Medicare
    physician payment bill was a good first step (Noyes, CongressDaily, 7/21)."
  • AHIP, the health insurance industry's trade association, has launched a reform campaign called Campaign for an American Solution.
  • The Federal Times reports that Federal employees were paid an average salary of $69,000 last year. The Asbury Park Press maintains a database of federal employee salaries covering 70% of the total workforce.

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