Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend update / Miscellany

  • The FEHB Program's enrollment is about 50% federal and USPS annuitants. Consequently, it's significant that according to the Federal Times, "Military and federal retirees, disabled veterans and others receiving inflation-adjusted federal benefits should not expect to see any increase this year, according to a new Congressional Budget Office estimate."

  • On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a paid parental leave bill for federal employees (H.R. 636), according to The Office of Management and Budget has endorsed this bill in a Statement of Administration policy. The bill now must be passed by the Senate. In the last Congress, the House passed this legislation but the Senate did not. The bill is before the Senate Government Operations and Homeland Security Committee.

  • Kaiser Health News published an interesting review of opinion on how opposition to the President's health care reform initiative might develop.

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