Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

The AP reports that "Top House Democrats sought to minimize the impact of a near-certain missed deadline for health care legislation on Tuesday as the leadership struggled to ease the concerns of rank-and-file critics."

The Government Accountability Office placed the Postal Service on its list of high risk government programs. The Federal Times notes that "GAO says the Postal Service must take a number of steps to remove itself from the high-risk list. One is reducing its labor costs, through some combination of early retirements and lower benefit costs; GAO notes that the Postal Service pays a higher percentage of employee health benefits, 80 percent, than most federal agencies, 72 percent." What GAO evidently misses is that the Postal Service's higher FEHBP contributions result from collective bargaining with the postal unions.

Govexec.com reports that OPM will be posting on the web its proposed strategic plan for public comment. OPM's recent strategic plans are available here.

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