Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mid-week update

The Washington Post this morning is reporting this morning that the threat of a government shutdown looms. The current continuing resolution funding the Government expires on Friday December 16. The final "megabus" appropriations bill for the current Government fiscal year is done or nearly done, depending on who you believe. However, the Senate leadership, in a tactical move, is keeping the megabus in the garage until Congress completes work on the other major piece of legislation, the tax extenders bill. That bill includes the payroll tax relief extension and the Medicare Part B reimbursement patch. '

The FEHBlog is interested in the appropriation bill because it always contains FEHBP provisions. The FEHBlog expects that Congress will extend the continuing resolution for another week rather than let the government shutdown. OPM explained earlier this year that in the event of a shutdown, the FEHBP would continue operating

Congress also is considering a national defense authorization bill (HR 1540) which is another annual exercise. Federal News Radio reports that the House Senate conference report which was released on Monday includes TRICARE premium hikes. This law often includes government procurement law changes that impact the FEHBP but the FEHBlog did not notice any such changes in this massive bill. The Hill reports that the President is quiet on his threat to veto this bill if enacted.

The FEHBlog noticed yesterday that OPM has posted its annual financial statement for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2011 (known as the performance and accountability report). It's always interesting reading.

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