Friday, March 02, 2012


Here's something to do over the weekend. GAO has created a Watchdog podcast on its recent report evaluating research on savings from generic drug use.

Meanwhile "industry insiders" are telling AIS Health that "the potential expense and length of time required to bring biosimilars to market under the [Food and Drug Administration's] “conservative” regulatory draft guidance [recently mentioned in the FEHBlog] is giving some drug manufacturers pause. According to the AIS article these industry insiders are concerned that the FDA is not taking advantage of the fact that fourteen biosimilar drug applications already have been approved by the European Union. The FEHBlog assumes that the industry insiders are thinking that the FDA should provide a shortcut approval on these drugs.

Ihealthbeat reports that the National Institutes of Health announced on Wednesday the launch of its web-based Genetic Testing Registry.  The Registry, which is still under development, is intended "to serve as a centralized public resource for clinicians, researchers, and consumers to access information about the availability and scientific basis of numerous genetic tests."

Finally, Business Insurance reports on a new National Business Group on Health survey finding that employers are continuing to ramp up the use of wellness incentives with their employees. "Just under 73% of employers used incentives in 2011 as part of their health improvement programs. The average incentive value was $460, up from $430 in 2010 and $260 in 2009."

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